General Questions
Q1: Why can’t I find Vidmate on Google Play?
A: Vidmate cannot be published on Google Play because Google’s Policy bans YouTube downloading apps due to copyright concern.
Q2: How can I get the latest version of Vidmate?
A: You will get a notification in Vidmate when a new version is available, then you can click Update.
Or you can click Vidmate Setting – Check Update.
Or you can download the latest version from www.vidmate.mobi.
If the installation fails, please uninstall the current Vidmate and install again.
Q3: Is there any version for IOS or Window phone?
A: Vidmate only comes in android version for now. But you can click for IOS at the top-right of this page.
Q4: How can I get the latest Vidmate prize activity information?
A: You can follow our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vidmate.official to get all prize activity information.
Q5: How can I share Vidmate or videos with my friends?
A: Click the Vidmate Setting – Invite friends.
Or you can share your downloaded media in Vidmate Downloaded List.
Detailed Questions
Q6: How do I search videos or websites?
A: Input the key words in the search box on the navigation bar, then click to search. You will see all results for movies, music, videos, TV shows from YouTube and Google.
Or you can paste page URL you want to surf in the search box directly.
Q7: How can I download videos/movies/music from YouTube or other websites?
A: In Vidmate Topsite, when you access the website, you would see Red Download Button at the bottom-right of the page if there is a video on it. Click on it to download.
Or you can copy the link of the video, for example: www.aa/bb/cc.mp4, and then paste it in the search box on the navigation bar, then click GO to download.
If there is no Red Download Button shown, please email us with the screen shot or page URL.
Q8: How can I download audio tracks of YouTube videos?
A: Vidmate support mp3/m4a download. You can choose it on the video page by clicking the Red Download Button.
Q9: Can I download multiple files at the same time?
A: Yes, you can modify it in Vidmate Setting - Download Task Count. But we do not recommend multiple download for low-end cellphone as it may cause stuck freezes.
Q10: How can I download fast?
A: You can modify it in Vidmate Setting - Fast Download Mode. The more threads the faster it would be. But eventually it depends on the network speed. We do not recommend great number for low-end cellphone as it may cause the phone stuck.
Q11: How can I change download path?
A: If you have two SD cards in your mobile, you can change the download path in Vidmate Setting-Download Path. If you just have one SD card in your mobile, Vidmate will show “You have no external memory card”.
Q12: What can I do if Vidmate is stuck?
A: One of the possible reason is insufficient memory. Please close or kill some Apps to release memory. Or you can click Vidmate Setting - Clear cache.
Q13: Why can’t I open a website in Vidmate?
A: First, please check if you can access it on another browser. If your browser can access but Vidmate cannot, please email us with the screen shot or page URL. If it cannot be accessed in either way, please make sure if the site is blocked by your country.
Q14: Why are 1080p or 2k, 4K videos not available for download sometimes?
A: Some YouTube videos’ original resolutions are less than 1080P, Vidmate cannot download videos in quality higher than its original quality.
Q15: It says ‘Failed to analyze’ after I click Red Download Button, what should I do?
A: Check your network first, then try again later. If the problem still exists, please send us a feedback with the video link or page URL.
Q16: Why can’t I see the Red Download Button sometimes?
A: Maybe it is due to insufficient memory of your phone. Click Vidmate Setting - Clear Cache, then exit and re-open Vidmate, wait 10 seconds before accessing any website. If it still does not work, please email us with the site name and URL.
Q17: If error occurs in a download task, how can I resume download?
A: There is a refresh (round) icon beside every downloading task. You can click on it to refresh the download link and resume the download. If the problem still exists, please give us a feedback with video link or page URL.
Q18: Why is there a prompt “insufficient space” when I have sufficient space?
A: The downloading process of YouTube 1080p needs twice as much free space. If you are downloading 1080p file, you will get that prompts.
Q19: Why is my downloaded file missing?
A: For Android 4.4 or above, downloaded files on external SD card will be deleted when App is uninstalled.
Q20: Why is the downloaded video separated into pieces, each of which lasts5 seconds more or less?
A: Please check if your downloaded file is m3u8 format or not. Learn more detail about m3u8 from here.
If you cannot find your answer from above questions, please send feedback or email us . Thank you!